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tv   Vice President Biden at Democratic National Committee Winter Meeting  CSPAN  March 1, 2014 9:16pm-9:43pm EST

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needed to turn to a 68 year old woman who would be hillary clinton. [laughter] [applause] but i digress. now as you heard from my friend jeff lord, gerald ford went on to lose to a very weak democratic candidate named jimmy carter. reagan went on to win in 1980 and 1984 to the a distant landslide in american history. popular vote, i would remind karl rove and the electoral college. [applause] having campaigned personally for reagan and a 9076 and 1980, i want you to listen. i feel certain he would be enormously proud of you.
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in fact, i think he would've been thrilled to that in front of you right here and thank you for all you are doing and all you have done and congratulate you on this fifth anniversary of the tea party movement. and i think it is appropriate to end my comments with a truism from president reagan which is the last paragraph from my book which most of you have heard by now but i am going to repeat it anyway. for those of you who have not. reagan wrote and said this many freedom is never more than one generation away from not pass itwe did in the blood for and it must be for them to do the same or will spend our sunset years telling our children what it was once like in the united states when men were free."
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you are an inspiration to people like me. and millions of others. .t is a great honor to be here on behalf of all of those other people and your fellow citizens and generations yet to come, i want to thank you and god bless all of you. [applause] >> ♪ >> more about the tea party and its creation five years ago on "washington journal." then the federation of teachers and the role of organized labor during the midterm election. the future of the u.s. presence in afghanistan. we are joined by the council on foreign relations. airs every journal" morning at 7:00 a.m. eastern here on c-span.
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quiz on monday, the american-israel confederation will begin its conference in washington, d.c. and we will hear from senator john mccain again at 10:00 eastern. later in the afternoon, more coverage with john kerry and new york senator schumer starting at 5:00 p.m. on our companion network c-span 3. >> the new website makes it easier than ever for you to keep tabs on washington, via and share your finds facebook, twitter, and other social networks. easy search functions let you access daily coverage of events and new tools make it simple to great short video clips and share with your friends via social networks. you can send a link to your video clips via e-mail. finding the share tool or look
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for the green icon link throughout our site. watch washington on the new, if you see something of interest clip it and share it with your friends. >> vice president joseph biden spoke to the winter meeting last week and washington, d.c. he talked about democrats are going to the midterm elections and compare them to the republican party. [applause] >> please welcome the vice president of the united states.
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[applause] >> mr. vice president, i want to thank you for appearing on the beginning of seth meyers show the other night. we are proud of seth meyers. thank you. [applause] >> i apologize i am late. this is one occasion i cannot blame the president. as debbie knew, i usually have that as a legitimate excuse. not today. that meeting was long over. i am as the chairman knows, i was a united states senator. i have to make one public admission. i still have an overwhelming
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prejudice to delaware. the delaware delegation asked to meet with me about an issue. i did it because my son is the attorney general. if it hurts him, i get indicted. [laughter] by the way, press, would you acknowledge i was joking when i said that? it is good to see you all. i know you have had good meetings that have been going on for a while. i'm going to get to the point. i am here for two express reasons. i know the they will say biden being biden -- i am sincere. the first one is, the 2014 election. the second one is, building the democratic national committee intuit powerhouse that works in
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2016, 2018, 2020. folks, i am so tired of hearing about the demise of the democratic party. that we are under water. we are having trouble keeping up. give me a break. there is no republican party. no, no, no. i wish there were. the president delivers the state of the union. four responses. i'm being earnest. why are we in "trouble?" my great friend, we ran together. i can't think of a time for
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real, since i was elected in 1972 where the majority of the american people agree with us on every major issue before. -- we are for. that sounds like hyperbole. raising minimum wage. 71%. equal pay for women. 90%. early childhood education. 86%. background checks. 90%. marriage equality. 55%. building the affordable care act instead of repealing it. 55%. immigration reform. 67%. ending the war in afghanistan. we have never been there before folks. what are we worried about? we are worried about the koch brothers and their friends
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bringing in millions of dollars. it cannot buy an election. [applause] i want these guys to believe money can buy an election if you are a bad set of goods, and what are the republicans for question mark i really want to see a strong republican party. i mean that sincerely. somebody said if i had one wish to have a strong republican party. meeting with my republican colleagues, i still get along and admire a lot of them. they shake hands and say, you got a deal, and between four hours later they say, i cannot do it. they are not misleading me. they are being honest.
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we need somebody to sit across the table from and work out a deal. when i say we need a strong republican party, that's what i mean. it's always about compromise. we are the most heterogeneous democracy in the history of the world. it requires compromise. here we are -- when you think about it, in the end our success or failure is going to depend on the ability of all of you. you have the go most -- you have got the most important job. i'm not joking. you know it. the time and effort you put into being chairman of our state parties and those who work under you is incredible. i know it is because of what you do to get us elected.
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[applause] i think our ability on 2014 -- everybody thinks about 2016. that's light years away. just think about what is at stake for all that brought us into this process to begin with. none of you are in this for the money, unless there is a job i am unaware of. [laughter] we are finding a place with a chance to make some progress for the american people.
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debbie knows this -- i think this woman does an incredible job. [applause] we have flown tens of thousands of miles together going around the country and around the world. she flies with me, and i remember you asking me -- why did you say yes when he asked you to consider to be vetted, because i asked the president of question. i said i only have one question. do you really mean what you say about the middle class? do you really mean what you say when you say believe it is the aperture which -- through which the americans have to pass, the wealthy do really well, and the poor have a shot.
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that was his commitment -- that's who he is. that's everything we have focused on trying to get through this not rush fire -- this forest fire we inherited, and everything we are focused on now. there is a reason for america's strength. we have the most powerful, broadest, deepest middle-class in the world. that's the thing that keeps us strong. they have been under siege, and i am not blaming this all on president bush's administration. the middle-class economic standing began to erode 20 years ago. a lot has changed. the reality is the only thing barack and i are looking at measuring the eight years we will have is if we can answer the following question.
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is it going to be easy for a mom and a dad in the neighborhood to be able to turn to a child and say, it's going to be ok. i mean this literally. is it going to be ok? think about all the people in your states raised in those neighborhoods who are not certain they can turn to their kid and say it's going to be ok. you are going to be able to live a life as well as i did. you are going to have a job as rewarding. the list goes on. that's what this is all about. we know how to do that. republicans used to know how to do that. i am being serious. how to better the circumstance of hard work in america. these are not people looking for a handout. these are people incredibly reluctant to take anything they think is a handout.
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all they are looking for is an even shot. all of the programs we are talking about are the same things. everybody knows that. it's a job. not a minimum-wage job, even if we raise the minimum wage, which we will. $10.10. [applause] it's about more than that. it's about looking at your kid -- what we grew up, we didn't have much. my mother was certain i could be anything i wanted to be. absolutely determined but also certain if we did the same things we were supposed to do. look at the jobs out there. right now we have over 100,000 jobs in america with high-tech firms that cannot find people qualified to take the job. that's why the president asked me to head up this task force in terms of job creation.
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look at what is out there now. we have 300,000 young women and men coming back from afghanistan and iraq with posttraumatic stress, with traumatic brain injury. we are short tens of thousands of psychiatric nurses. why do we have a program for nurses to continue to get paid well getting additional training? why aren't we making sure we size up the companies and community colleges to get the exact training needed to fill the job? there are things we can do, but we got to go beyond that. we got to go behind that desk beyond that because how many of you know someone who is wondering, -- my son or daughter just graduated from college, and they are back at their room in the house -- not through lack of trying.
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where are the jobs people can look to knowing if they work hard they can end up making 70, 80, 90, $100,000 a year, consistent with their education? there's a whole range of things we know we can do. there's no reason not to do them. i am not going to go into them now. the other thing is education. i met with all the governors. quite frankly, there are some really, realy pretty good republican governors out there on this stuff. for example, pre-k. there's as many republican governors as democratic governors who get it. there's no longer a debate about whether or not getting a kid into an education program that is real at age four doesn't dramatically impact their prospects of success across the board.
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no argument about it. what the devil are we doing? we are being stymied in the house and the senate by republicans when the american people get it. they know it. they understand it. governors are out there doing it. you understand if there is anything needed -- i got in trouble talking about infrastructure at airports in america. by the way, i was at that particular airport and met with two employees and they wanted a picture, and they said, by the way, we agree with you. we are in a situation where we have the american society of civil engineers. they say we are going to need to invest $2.6 trillion to keep up with infrastructure.
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we are the most powerful nation in the world. we have 20th century infrastructure when china and other countries are investing 20% of gdp to improving infrastructure. why do companies come? why do they stay? they are going to build near a port where they can get their product out cheaply, quickly, and to market quicker than anywhere else. debbie and i were talking about everything from galveston all the way to the coast. they are going to carry twice the cargo. they take a 50 foot draft. that is going to be coming through the panama canal. 86% is coming to or going from the united states, yet we have only a few ports to accommodate them. what are we doing? this used to be a straightforward proposition republicans acknowledged as well as democrats.
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there is some hope here. recent discussions between the president of the united states and the speaker of the house, because we have been pushing democrats, saying, maybe we do need to fund a highway trust system because it is owing to be bankrupt and be out of money in september or october. the generic point i want to make is we know how to make things work. it's not rocket science. there is a portion of the other party who is not conservative. it's just antigovernment. i think they masquerade and don't deserve -- i shouldn't say don't deserve, but i don't think it fits to call them conservative in the traditional sense of conservative political thought. it's about antigovernment, so we propose corporate tax reform, which we think we need anyway, and take the $150 billion into infrastructure.
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imagine in your states, you are not governors. you are the state chair. if you picked two infrastructure projects you thought were critical to your state, how many jobs, how many opportunities, how much infusion of capital and optimism occurs when that occurs? i don't want to hear people telling me anymore that we cannot get done now. everything i have ever done that i consider worthwhile from the crime bill to helping get this out of iraq, it took time. if we didn't start where we started, it would have never happened. it would have never occurred. there are so many important things to mention. it will happen. it is inevitable.
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the only question is how many people get hurt or how many people get left behind the longer it takes to get this done? my central message is i think we should not apologize for a single thing. we should lay out in each of the races in your county, city, state, congressional races -- this is who we are. this is what we stand for. this is what we are going to do. the obligation the president and i have in addition to trying to raise the funds to make this viable -- i agree and have told my colleagues i will campaign for or against you, which ever helps most, but i think i am signed up for 120 races.
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the president has given me the reign to go into every race we can that disclose where i might be able to be helpful. he is doing the same thing. we have to make more clear -- we have to define more precisely what is it we are about. what are the priorities? i know this wasn't supposed to be a speech speech, and i have taken advantage of you more than i had a right to, but this is the beginning of a process i am urging you to do. let's make sure if we run on what we believe -- if we won -- if we run on our values, which happens to be totally consistent with where the american people think we should be on the substance of this set of issues, we will win. we will win. let's not get too hung up on the idea of the super pack. we have to pay attention, but it
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gets down to people saying, my name is joe biden. i am a candidate for congress. here is what i am for. we should always agree there should he comparisons. you will find they are not for much. i'm not being facetious. what they are for they don't want to talk about it. they don't want to talk about the fact they think there should still be $200,000 tax break to people making $1 million. they don't want to talk about the fact that you can continue to have a tax break for oil companies who don't need it and it should be going to other areas. they don't want to talk about the fact they are against early education. they don't want to talk about the things we are for and we are too shy. we're not talking about it enough in my opinion.
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folks, i will conclude by saying -- i know i am always referred to in the press as the white house optimist like i am the new guy on the team. [laughter] i am very flattered by that. i like to think of myself is that, but i have been around longer than all of you, but i am more optimistic today than i was when i was a 29-year-old kid elected to the united states senate. the american people are tired of being tired. they are tired of being told what we can't do. they are tired of the republican party saying, narrow the aperture. this debate of the middle class is 49,800.
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the middle class is a vaule set, it is about being able to own your home, not rented, being able to send them to a park and not worrying whether they will be beat up or mud, be able to send them to a local school where if they do well they would get a chance to go to college and if they get there you can pay for them to be there, and in the meantime if your parents are in trouble you can help them in the hope is you will never have to have your children help you. that's what middle class is about. that's who we are. [applause] folks, the concluding comment i want to make is don't listen to any of those folks who tell you america's best days are behind. i mean it sincerely. if you did a poll, and i asked you who is going to be the leading economy, united states or china? that's not patriotism. that's reality. america is better positioned than any other nation to dominate in the 21st-century.


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